Super Sinkane

Happy Friday y’all. I have a special treat lined up, perfect for whatever shenanigans you plan on getting into this evening. Sinkane is an extremely badass dude signed on to my favorite label DFA Records (who, in case you were unaware, count among their ranks, Phantogram, The Juan McLain, Hot Chip, The Rapture and of course James Murphy’s own LCD Soundsystem).  In my opinion if you’re an initiate of the DFA crew,  you automatically garner status and credibility as a talented, unique musician. With that in mind, I am sure you are expecting something funky and cool from the man called Sinkane, and boy does he deliver. Combining essences of Jazz and funk, Sinkane produces an incredible sound to tickle any average joes ear.  He just dropped his latest album called Mean Love  which is a showcase of his masterful talents.  I want you to get down and groove to my favorite track off that album ‘How We Do’.  Get weird and sip some…..


The Glory Days

So Coachella is coming up and, although I used to enjoy visiting the scorching desert valley of Indio, I have developed complete and total animosity towards the annual event (maybe it’s cause I’m older?). Alas, time passes and we grow out of the things we once used to enjoy. It may come as no shock to followers of this little blog, but I am a big fan of my neighbors and fellow Angeleños, Local Natives (we aren’t actually neighbors, but I am actually from LA, so…).  In my Coachella days it would not be uncommon to find me caught up in the middle of an epic dance party, ears bleeding and speakers banging out some sweet dub step/synth pop/Dr. Dre or whatever. Now that sight may be increasingly rare, as I prefer a glass of wine and my favorite band in a more intimate venue. But I stumbled upon this remix of a Local Natives track called ‘Ceilings’ (from their latest album, Hummingbird)  by a young Swede they call KASBO and it took me back! KASBO (yes i think he prefers all caps) hails from Gothenburg, and I have some developer buddies in Gothenburg, and am increasingly thinking I need to relocate. Seems like they do some cool shit out there! Anyways you’re going to love this one, play it loud and sip some…

Thursday Vibes

Good afternoon internet friends, I hope you are all happy and healthy.  I’m sitting here working on a project and I have a particularly lovely jam running pretty much on repeat. The song is called ‘Three Hours In’, by a gentleman named Ryan Hemsworth.  Admittedly I know nothing about Mr. Hemsworth, and after a bit of research have discover quite a bit. One thing is for sure, this young Canadian bro is very talented and I am looking forward to digging deeper into his collection of jams.  This particular track has really suited my mood this afternoon as I sit here, working away on my latest project. I hope it helps you find some inner peace as well, for now sip some…

Klapp Klapp

Happy Friday people! When this little adventure started, one of the first posts we put up was a track by Little Dragon, the wonderfully talented synthpop group from Gothenburg, Sweden.  I love the Swedes, they are good people, and they make some great music. That being said, I’m pretty excited that I’m throwing another  Little Dragon track up here for you! They’ve let loose a darker track called ‘Klapp Klapp’  (and a zombie flick to go with it) that I’ve grown quite attached to over the past few days.  I love the way lead singer Yukimi Nagano drives the song with haunting vocals.  It’s a badass track, and lucky for us, they have an album on the way (May 13th). If the album can match the vibes ‘Klapp Klapp’  gives off then it’s safe to say I am very much looking forward to it, and we can very much look forward to seeing them on the festival circuit. For now sip some…

Rivers and Roads

Happy Saturday y’all. I have been listening to a fantastic track called ‘Rivers and Roads’ for a little while now, and it’s gaining a ton of traction on the indie circuit.  It was actually released by Seattle based indie band  The Head and The Heart in 2011 on their self titled album.  They have an incredibly beautiful, mellow sound, with a ton of vocal talent between them. This particular song really hits home for me and I hope you find something meaningful in it in the same way that I have. I am going to let the track do the talking… sip some….

That Phantogram

A pretty exceptional jam to kick of Sanctuary Syrup’s new year comes courtesy of one of my favorite electronic groups, Phantogram.  I’ve still got tracks from ‘Eyelid Movies’ (2009) running consistently through my playlists, and I have yet to really dig deep enough into their other releases. Lo and behold, they will be dropping a new album ‘Voices’ in early February, so gear up folks!  I don’t have much else to say today, all I really wanna do is keep this track ‘Fall In Love’ playing on repeat at comfortably loud (so the neighbors don’t complain) decibel levels.  I suggest you do the same.  For you college kids out there that have another Thursday night ‘rager’ on the books this evening (or whenever you get back to school), why not give this a spin towards the latter part of the evening.  Who knows, you might impress some nice people 🙂 And for those of us sophisticated mid twenties to late whatever we aren’t in school humans, lets pour some wine, light some candles and enjoy ourselves like proper adults 🙂 Sip some!!!!!

Klingande Chill Wave

When I was in in college a few years back a very popular blog called Hipster Runoff coined the term ‘Chill Wave’.  Chill Wave is a type of music genre, the sound of which I am confident you can ascertain yourself.  Klingande is a French electronic duo that produces smooth jazz infused house jams that really feels like chill wave to me.  I am a fan. The track I have for you called ‘Jubel’ is already huge in Germany, Italy & a few other trendy European countries, and I am happy to share it with you fine folks.  It is a really lovely late night jam that I hope you play a few times over.  Grab a friend light some candles, open a fine French wine, let the happy vibes wash over you and sip some….


It seems like RAC is becoming a household name.  In my mind they are the kings of the feel good remix and they’re back at it again with this track called ‘Let Go’ which features vocals by Kele of Block Party and Amanda Warner of MNDR. But this is no remix, it’s an original jam by RAC, off their recently released EP Don’t Talk To (which is good news in itself), and boy oh boy are you going to love it.  It’s a thrilling prospect that they are producing original material, and I am hoping for plenty more. There really is not much more to say but turn this one up real loud and dance like an idiot, because no one looks like an idiot when this song is playing. Sip some…

The Darkside of Daft Punk

I am so damn lazy.  I have what seems to be an endless stream of incredible music flowing through my immediate airwaves all day and yet I share none of it with you! Perhaps i’m extraordinarily selfish, but  think i’m just lazy. So with that being said, I am sure you ‘ve heard of Daft Punk, and if nothing else you’ve heard ‘the summers biggest song’ Get Lucky maybe 1,000 times.  It’s kind of a  bummer because I like that song, but there are definitely more unique and interesting tunes on the album that I like more.  To the point, DARKSIDE, an electronic duo whom I had not heard of until last week, obsessed over Daft Punk’s album ‘Random Access Memories’ for as long as we did, and then they did something incredible. Main man Nicolas Jaar and his instrumentally talented pal Dave Harrington released a remixed album of ‘Random Access Memories’ called ‘Daftside’, and it is really special.  Very unique in it’s scope and simple in it’s execution I have been throughly enjoying it from start to finish.  Even if you find remix’s repulsive or, find the idea of Daft Punk being remixed repulsive, I think you should give these tracks a shot but listen to the album from start to finish.  I’m giving you a little teaser as usual but seriously, dive into the darkside (pun intended) of the internet and download this thing (piratebay is an excellent resource…) For now sip some….


Monsieur James Blake

There is approximately one occasion that I can recall a man sweeping me off my feet…  Credit belongs to the electronic music making/singing/songwriting/great hair having virtuoso James Blake, and his cover of Feists ‘Limit To Your Love’.  By now most music fans must be familiar with his name (or are otherwise too involved in top 40 for me to care about lumping them into my generalizations), but perhaps not so much the content that comes with it.  So I am here to share a track that I find considerable compelling by the man from the Queen’s Island.  ‘Life Round Here’ is a sublime representation of what makes James Blake, James Blake.  Haunting vocals,a thumping beat and his famous harmonies.  It’s a track that I cannot wait to experience live in October, because for those that have not had the privilege of such an experience, James Blake is fucking loud.  I don’t know any other way to describe it (sorry mom).  And fucking loud in an incredibly eargasmic (sorry, ‘we both know that’s an awful line’ to quote James Murphy) way.  I first saw James Blake last summer at LA’s FYF, and when he came on he could hear the thumping from the ‘dance’ tent about 100 yards away.  He sat down and said something along the lines of ‘we will see if we can’t drown that out’.  He did.  ‘Life Round Here’ is off his latest album Overgrown, you should get your hands on it (get everything you can find that he’s made, it’s worth it).  While you search, sip some…