Super Sinkane

Happy Friday y’all. I have a special treat lined up, perfect for whatever shenanigans you plan on getting into this evening. Sinkane is an extremely badass dude signed on to my favorite label DFA Records (who, in case you were unaware, count among their ranks, Phantogram, The Juan McLain, Hot Chip, The Rapture and of course James Murphy’s own LCD Soundsystem).  In my opinion if you’re an initiate of the DFA crew,  you automatically garner status and credibility as a talented, unique musician. With that in mind, I am sure you are expecting something funky and cool from the man called Sinkane, and boy does he deliver. Combining essences of Jazz and funk, Sinkane produces an incredible sound to tickle any average joes ear.  He just dropped his latest album called Mean Love  which is a showcase of his masterful talents.  I want you to get down and groove to my favorite track off that album ‘How We Do’.  Get weird and sip some…..