The Morning Wave

For those of you who frequent this blog and are aware of RAC, I was lucky enough to see him in LA last week, which as expected, was one of my favorite concerts to date. RAC is currently on tour, and fortunately for me this band, Joywave, joined them in LA. I’ve been listening to this track for a little while now, but it wasn’t until they opened for RAC that I realized how incredibly talented they are. Coming out of Rochester, New York, these guys have yet to get the recognition they deserve, as they boast only a small 2,000 followers on Spotify (if you’re into that kind of stuff). If any of you happen to attend Syracuse University, they are actually performing there today, other than that the only thing on this band’s radar is Lollapalooza in August. There’s not much more info out there on these guys, so check out their other songs and keep an eye out for other concert dates they may post in the future because these guys should not be missed live. Sip on…


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