The Glory Days

So Coachella is coming up and, although I used to enjoy visiting the scorching desert valley of Indio, I have developed complete and total animosity towards the annual event (maybe it’s cause I’m older?). Alas, time passes and we grow out of the things we once used to enjoy. It may come as no shock to followers of this little blog, but I am a big fan of my neighbors and fellow Angeleños, Local Natives (we aren’t actually neighbors, but I am actually from LA, so…).  In my Coachella days it would not be uncommon to find me caught up in the middle of an epic dance party, ears bleeding and speakers banging out some sweet dub step/synth pop/Dr. Dre or whatever. Now that sight may be increasingly rare, as I prefer a glass of wine and my favorite band in a more intimate venue. But I stumbled upon this remix of a Local Natives track called ‘Ceilings’ (from their latest album, Hummingbird)  by a young Swede they call KASBO and it took me back! KASBO (yes i think he prefers all caps) hails from Gothenburg, and I have some developer buddies in Gothenburg, and am increasingly thinking I need to relocate. Seems like they do some cool shit out there! Anyways you’re going to love this one, play it loud and sip some…


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