Klapp Klapp

Happy Friday people! When this little adventure started, one of the first posts we put up was a track by Little Dragon, the wonderfully talented synthpop group from Gothenburg, Sweden.  I love the Swedes, they are good people, and they make some great music. That being said, I’m pretty excited that I’m throwing another  Little Dragon track up here for you! They’ve let loose a darker track called ‘Klapp Klapp’  (and a zombie flick to go with it) that I’ve grown quite attached to over the past few days.  I love the way lead singer Yukimi Nagano drives the song with haunting vocals.  It’s a badass track, and lucky for us, they have an album on the way (May 13th). If the album can match the vibes ‘Klapp Klapp’  gives off then it’s safe to say I am very much looking forward to it, and we can very much look forward to seeing them on the festival circuit. For now sip some…


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