That Phantogram

A pretty exceptional jam to kick of Sanctuary Syrup’s new year comes courtesy of one of my favorite electronic groups, Phantogram.  I’ve still got tracks from ‘Eyelid Movies’ (2009) running consistently through my playlists, and I have yet to really dig deep enough into their other releases. Lo and behold, they will be dropping a new album ‘Voices’ in early February, so gear up folks!  I don’t have much else to say today, all I really wanna do is keep this track ‘Fall In Love’ playing on repeat at comfortably loud (so the neighbors don’t complain) decibel levels.  I suggest you do the same.  For you college kids out there that have another Thursday night ‘rager’ on the books this evening (or whenever you get back to school), why not give this a spin towards the latter part of the evening.  Who knows, you might impress some nice people 🙂 And for those of us sophisticated mid twenties to late whatever we aren’t in school humans, lets pour some wine, light some candles and enjoy ourselves like proper adults 🙂 Sip some!!!!!


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